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The Road to Rome - Tracing the steps of Paul the Apostle

The Road to Rome - Tracing the steps of Paul the ApostleQuantity in Basket: none
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Filmed On Location in Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Rome

Disc One:

  • The Road to Rome Feature Documentary (52:00)
  • Road to Rome Music Video with Paul Clark (11:00)

Disc Two:

Skip Heitzig

  • Southern Steps (16 Min.)
  • Caesarea (25 Min.)
  • Sardis (16 Min.)
  • Pergamum (23 Min.)
  • Troas (20 Min.)
  • Corinth (24 Min.)
  • Mars Hill (23 Min.)
  • Mamertine (10 Min.)
Steve Jahss
  • Caesarea (15 Min.)
  • Sardis (15 Min.)
  • Pergamum (6 Min.)
  • Mars Hill (7 Min.)

Skip Heitzig & Chip Lusko

Daniel Lusko

Music by:
Paul Clark

Narrated By:
David Jeremiah

Join Pastor Skip Heitzig as he traces the footsteps of Paul the Apostle from Israel on the road to Rome. Joining Skip are biblical consultants Dr. Steven Collins and Steve Jahss. You'll hear and see the importance of each historical site from Paul's missionary voyages. In addition to the feature video documentary, you'll see eight on-site teachings from Skip and four bonus teachings from Steve Jahss along with a music video with Paul Clark. From Jerusalem through Turkey to Greece and, finally, to Rome itself, this documentary makes Paul's extraordinary journey come alive.

Available on Two-Disc DVD.

Presented in Widescreen Format.

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