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The Biography of God

The Biography of GodQuantity in Basket: none
Code: 2008-03

Thomas Jefferson. Martin Luther King Jr. Winston Churchill. C.S. Lewis. All outstanding men with amazing life stories, but in all of history, one biography stands out above the rest. The Biography of God gives an in depth look at His character and nature, and delves into the theological and personal profile of our Heavenly Father. As this series searches the scriptures to lead the believer to a discovery of who God is and how He is perceptible to the human condition, it will both lift up and humble at the same time.

Available on audio CD only.
Contains 14 messages: 20081012 20081019 20081026 20081109 20081123 20081214 20090104 20090111 20090118 20090125 20090201 20090215 20090222 20090301

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