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Homeland Security

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Code: 2008-01

We live in a country that is on constant guard to preserve the democracy and freedom of its current state. But do we pay as much attention to the security of our souls as we do the security of our nation?

Pastor Skip Heitzig breaks apart the basic components of today's society and looks at the threats that believers face at every level: personally, family, communally, nationally, and globally. This series focuses on what God's word says about each of these levels of society and how we can best follow God's original plan for our lives, our family, and the rest of the world.

Available on audio CD only.

Contains 12 messages: 20080106 20080113 20080120 20080127 20080203 20080210 20080217 20080224 20080302 20080309 20080316 20080330

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