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Minor Prophets in the Major Leagues (Volume 2)

Minor Prophets in the Major Leagues (Volume 2)Quantity in Basket: none
Code: 2006-03B

Why do we call Jonah, Amos, Obadiah, Malachi and the others the "minor" prophets? It certainly isn’t because their messages were less important! Prophets are like people holding a wire from heaven and wire to the earth, with God speaking through them. At times, God used these unique men to proclaim His truth, or to denounce men’s sin, or to predict the future, both near and far-off. Other times, He used them to show His truth by demonstration, through events in their lives. In this in-depth series, Pastor Skip Heitzig presents important truths about these little books with big messages.

Available on audio CD only.

Contains 12 messages: 20070228 20070307 20070314 20070328 20070411 20070425 20070502 20070509 20070516 20070613 20070620 20070627

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